Friday, July 15, 2005

knit (crochet) or DIE!

is it wrong to love an inanimate object? but i do. he's sooooo cute! he just looks so angry. but he's small and fuzzy, and laughable! i took him to work yesterday, and carol, the mini-sweater crochet goddess, whipped up a tiny sweater for the monster. (thank you SO MUCH carol!) LOOK! perhaps there's more things i should be doing with my life, but i feel more like creating a wardrobe for this little fellow. why is that?
in other knitting news, i've made some good progress on the vine lace of orangina. i noticed a dropped stitch a couple rows down, which needs fixin', ... maybe tomorrow. i was seduced by some rusty denim silk today, and hairpin lace. if i follow through, i will have a lovely vintage looking wrap. i was also seduced by some persimmon fixation --- socks! --- i need some fixation socks. i've never knitted with this yarn, and i'm dying to know how it will feel on the foot. what else? i was seduced by a lovely lantern moon crochet case ..... orangy/rusty colors just grabbed me today. i think i was mesmerized by my dress. my clothes usually dictate what colors i will pick up in the yarn store. they're sooooo powerful!


pinky said...

I think everyone at GY feels influenced by what they are wearing... I have definitely noticed that. I think the reason I bought that pretty blue Artyarns Supermerino was because of the shirt I was wearing. I sort of regret taking it back, but I *did* need to pay off that debt.

devilkitty said...

Aww, so cute! Agent Gray, I think we need to get some mo' BK Happy Meals ;p