Wednesday, July 13, 2005

more fruitless knitting

i didn't take a picture, i don't have to "prove" i screwed up. but, around row 30 of the vine lace for orangina, i noticed at the end of a row, i had one too many stitches to knit plain. oops. where's the mistake? oh, the mistake is in half the knitting, about 7 rows below. how did i do that? oh, watching the 'tour de france' .... doesn't mix well with lace. i steam blocked what i had knitted, to keep the stitches in place while i slipped the needle out and ripped back those 7 rows. everything is back on the knitting needle now, ready for more rows.
you have to wonder why projects get ditched. first round of this was the wrong size. round two got me back to the same number of rows as my first attempt, but then had to rip back 7 rows. ho hum.
i DID knit a quicky project yesterday. i'll post pictures later though, it's a surprise for a certain someone that's certain they know what i know.


pinky said...

I DO know what you know!! You just don't know that I know, only now I've told you and so now you know that I know what you know!

Mr. Crumbles said...

but i know something neither one of you know...