Wednesday, July 06, 2005


it's not ugly. in fact, it's REALLY pretty! but i don't think the colors look as nice in my photos as they do "live". i'm force drying it on the dehumidifier. dry! dry! dry! (i want to wear this tomorrow)

crop OSW

and here's a close up ....

OSW close

and then, i got so excited, i made a hank from my other skein and dyed it too!

yarn in microwave

and i'm willing this to dry fast too, (so maybe i can "play" with it tomorrow night at knit night).

yarn twist

the green was dyed with four packs of lemon-lime and a bit of grape kool-aid, and the pinky stuff was dyed with pink lemonade and some black cherry. the dyeing was super easy and fun.

and what's an entry w/o a cute smiley thing?


pinky said...

OOoh! I am so jealous. I think I might go to the store NOW for some KoolAid. What else do I have to do tonight, anyway?

heather said...

I LOVE Koolaid dying yarn. Fun. The colors you made are great, especially the dark pink. That shrug is gorgeous! Great job!