Saturday, July 09, 2005


i crochet on my flowers thursday night (part of an unfinished scarf)(and avoidance behavior to not finish the tartelette bolero). i wound my pinky dyed wool into a big ball, and i can't decide what i want to knit with it. it's 100g of a heavy worsted wt. wool, so it's probably enough for mittens or a hat, but not enough for a felted bag .... at least not a usable sized felted bag. hmmm .... and, this little monster is from star wars, but i don't know which episode. i think he's the monster from the ice cave on hoth? it doesn't really matter. i just love how cute he is --- look at those evil eyes!

i've been trying to figure out what to knit. i need to rip out the yellow purled polka dot tank. it's not going to fit. it's going to be too baggy. i might use that yarn to knit the chicknits cami. and i've been thinking about using some stash yarn, oooold crystal palace 'baby georgia' to knit the orangina shell. and, i have some lovely rosy gedifra kid royal (it's a dead ringer for ggh's kid soft) to maybe start the rebecca wrap sweater, or some stashed brown rowan handknit dk cotton for a cardigan in the rowan #37 magazine, or .....
i think it's time to get off the computer and do something.

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