Tuesday, July 26, 2005

on the road again ...

i am on the road, with mr. crumbles, and i am getting in a lot of craft time. of course, i don't know how to travel with fewer than 6 projects at any one time, but i have been working diligently on my crochet wrap from the current issue of rowan's 'classic holiday' book. i got the yarn at bella filati down in southern pines, nc.

rowan shawl

rowan shawl2

the color is called "quartz", crochet with rowan's 'cashcotton dk'. the color looks very much like amethyst (vs. the bluish hue in the second photo). it's going to be nice --- i love the almost heathered look of the yarn, and how the angora makes a small halo. special note: it has ferengi on the ends. i don't usually go for the dangly stuff, but, i might.

i carpooled down to southern pines with some of my favorite knitting ladies. we refered to this excursion as a "dry run" for our upcoming trip to vermont's wool and sheep festival in the early fall. i was in the company of onxy divine, leta, smutzy (sp?) meilienweitz (sp?) (those damn germans!), marianne, and ms. winnie. we missed olive landlord though .... first stop was the yarn store ---- WOW. i LOVE yarn stores!!!! they had lots of lovely things, but i could only take home a couple of things. i found some more bamboo yarn in the same dyelot as a previous purchase (i want to make something bigger), and i got the rowan 'cashcotton'. i also purchased a pattern for a felted handbag. we had lunch at "sweet basil's" or basil. (shows how much i don't pay attention), and were tempted to step back into the yarn store. i resisted! afterwards, we went to a fun craft/gallery, where i found a pretty fimo bug pin --- it will look great on one of my shawls. oh, i also got a silk rose pin at the yarn store which will look really pretty with my purplish shawl.
my attention span is fading --- so, i guess i must log off. (olive landlord requested me to post about the outing, as she could not accompany us ---- next time!)

thanks a million leta for driving! i finished knitting my kiwi wool tote in the minivan in transit --- i've not felted it yet, but when i do, .... i will post pictures!


pinky said...

Hello! Thanx 4 inviting your favorite Agent of Doom! I'm sorry I missed Bella Filati... I keep saying "I'll make the drive this week" but it's too frickin' hot to sit in a car. I can't believe there is CLOUD COVER as I type this. Thank god! Maybe that'll take the temp down into the high 90s.

devilkitty said...

I love the shawl!!! I can't wait to see it in person :)