Friday, July 01, 2005

so little progress

i went to knitting last night --- i love my knitting group, ... i laugh the most on thursday nights. i had two projects in my bag, plus part of my knitting library. i've been having trouble finding an attractive way to knit on the tie of my little tartelette jacket. i've tried multilple techniques, but the stitches always end up looking distorted. i decided that it would look best if i just knit the tie separately and sew it on afterwards. so little left to do, but it seems to be taking forever. i will post pictures when it is finished. i also had an old project from the fall in my bag --- that will remain anonymous until it's finished.
i did finish another pot scrubber though. and, i still have some leftover of this yarn to make another one. so, i probably will, ... later.

and the two unite!

and in the spirit of being all over the place, i've also been playing with my beads. i've made a few little necklaces, and of course, i need colors and sizes of beads i don't have. the good thing is that the bead mess isn't even a fraction of the size of a yarn stash. i can fit all of this into one smallish plastic bin.

i also cut out some fabric for some more summer dresses --- all from the same pattern. i love this little slip dress it's bias cut, so it fits no matter what --- there is no front and back, both sides are the same. i'll post pictures when i finish these too.

something bloomed in the garden.

and someone got hungry for some ggh 'coco'.

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pinky said...

Mmmm GGH Cocoburger! With bacon and a side of fries.