Tuesday, July 12, 2005

fruitless knitting

i spent a good part of yesterday working on my 'orangina'. i had made my swatch the night before, blocked and measured, and was certain of the fit. well ... until i knitted about 4" of a gazillion stitches and decided it was going to be too big. oops. i am the queen of the frog pond! it does suck, but it seems to bother mr. crumbles more than me. don't get me wrong, this is the kind of "oops" that could make me hide the project in a bag or box somewhere and never mention it again, but with whispers, like a scandalous family secret. so, a ripping i will go. i just had to share this picture as proof that i can knit! and i can knit lace! i've knitted A LOT of lace! but, i don't often knit with cotton .... actually, the truth is, i don't often believe the tape measure.

the yarn is from stash. it's by crystal palace, and it's called "baby georgia". the put up is a 40gr. ball and is equivalant to rowan's 4ply cotton. though it's not my 1st choice to knit this sweater, i still like the mocha color after all these years, and the yarn is "free". i'm knitting this on size 3 clover circulars.

baby georgia swatch

baby georgia swatch 4

by the way, i was in love with some koigu's yellow kersti, with lots of little flecks of different colors (flecks vs. the usual color changes), unitl i spread all the hanks on the table at my LYS and saw that there were too many variations of this colorway. some had a reddish hue, some more greenish, some a deep yellow, some pale. i am not a 'change to a different ball every two rows' kind of knitter, so my love has faded. that's okay, i'll fall in love with something else tomorrow ....


agent onyx devilkitty said...

Queen of the Frog Pond-- can we get T-shirts made up??! I love the little Hoth monster doll :)-- bring him in on Thursday so we can make him a little sweater ;p

ditto said...


KoolAid freakout!