Monday, November 07, 2005

... and, the rest of the knitting!

before i left for work today, i had a special visitor ... atom. atom knows how to knit and crochet, and has left me with some yummy yarn to knit him his next hat ...

atom's yarn

this yarn is leftover from a scarf he knitted for his sister a couple + years ago. i remember him picking out the yarn, and knitting the scarf! i made him a machine knit hat a few years ago, that apparently has been worn out. so, it's time for a replacement. and, i love knitting for someone like atom, as he's very appreciative of the handmade object and the maker. thanks atom! thanks for letting me work with some yarn that i've never knitted with before!

i had to consult with olive landlord today ... i was having doubts about my shortrows on my sock toe. lucky me was working with her today, so she looked at my stitches and said they passed inspection! so, onward i knit on the sock :) olive landlord is knitting on some yarn we purchased in vermont. i got a deep aubergine, she, ... an earthy pumpkin rust. olive landlord loves natural colors, the colors of the season.

olive landlord loves boucle

olive landlord is a little shy. see (and scroll down )what i mean!

as i mentioned before, i did finish my backyard leaves scarf, and here are the pictures to prove it!

finished backyard leaves scarfgratuitous cleavage shot

the stars mark the blemishes (i've had a stressful _____), and the second photo is a bit gratuitous, but, they both demonstrate how all the cool kids are wearing it ... folded in half, and tied through the "loop".

it feels good to be done ... it was a stash buster project, and i still have part of one ball left. but, one leftover is better than 5 full balls! now, i just need to finish the curly twirly pumpkin scarf ....

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Terhi said...

Hi lady Gray, your scarf is gorgeous! :-) I just have to make one too.