Wednesday, November 23, 2005

knit bits

at the request of mom, i must update. because, mom is "tired of looking at that stupid caterpillar!" okay mom, here it goes, but, because of the secret knitting, i can't really show too much! maybe i should start a secret blog.

first of all, i found a lovely hank of yarn in my stash. and i had NO idea what it was. i smelled it. nothing. not a clue. think, think back, where did you get this? yes! as stitches east, from rosie's yarn cellar. i could "see" the pile of lovely hanks on the table, and the difficulty in choosing just one.


so, i did what any obsessive knitter would do, i called rosie's .... "um, hi. i was at stitches east a couple years ago and bought some yarn, but lost the label, and was wondering if you could identify it for me ...." i swore it wasn't what i thought it was, but, the woman i spoke with described it better than me because it was what i suspected! it's schaefer's anne!

why i doubted it wasn't anne, because, it was missing the trademark vinegar scent most schaefer yarns have.

so, mystery solved! anne has 560 yards of superwash merino, mohair, and nylon. it was created as a sock yarn, but it hasn't said yet what i wants to be.

next on the blocking board is my newest favorite yarn! it's called stampato eXtra and it's 100% merino wool. the label says shrink resistant, but the wash directions show handwash. i'll probably handwash, as i don't want to felt a pair of pricey socks.

stampato socks

stampato stitches

i really had a hard time capturing the actual colors, but the yarn has at least 8 or 10 tiny strands plied together, and each of those strands is a different color, with the dominant color being two shades of green. i knit these on size 6 needles at a gauge of 5 sts/inch .... so, i have a 40 st. sock!
they're rather cushy, and thick, so destined for the bed and lounging. i think they helped me get over my sock slump!

and, here's a cute picture of agent gray .... she/i am modeling a koigu hat from last season .... it's from interweave knits, the issue with the stupid waiter boys in chunky sweaters.

agent gray's koigu hat

fun tidbit of the week ... i loaned a book to one of my sweetest knitting girls ... and she returned it with extras ...

agent gray's secret

say hello to my modified victoria's secret bag and TRUFFLES! .... the perfect companion to seasonal knitting! thank you soooo much beth!

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Sydney said...

I love these little bugs you're knitting! I had overlooked the knitted toys book but I might have to think again.

Thanks for visiting my blog and the information on how your Mountain Colors Bearfoot socks washed. I'm still working on the second sock but I love this yarn so far.