Wednesday, November 16, 2005

who am i?

i posted this tidbit on somebody's blog today. with all the grace in the world, she replied! (ps, her comment is in the previous post, so check it out!) eeeks! so, i had to go back and read what i wrote ... oh my .....

you know, you could decorate that zit you think everyone notices and make it look like a 3rd eye!
i don't do holidays with grace. (i don't like to shop, and all those i'd shop for have everything they need, ... and if they don't, neither of us can afford it anyways!) i come rushing on the field, in the bottom of the 9th, all gung-ho to knit a ton of christmas gifts. but, it's the last minute, in the last hour ..... hey, where's my _last minute knitted gifts_ book?! ... or _weekend knitting_? melanie falick to the rescue!

but now, i reflect, and, ... yes, this is me. wow. what does this mean? (don't get me wrong, because there is no wrong here, there's just an odd smile on my face i can't pinpoint.) and it's good. it really is! the introspective knitter ....

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