Wednesday, November 09, 2005


i ran some errands this morning ... to pick up my library books and get some paperwhites. but, somehow i ended up at a yarn store (gasp!). and i made a purchase ((gasp!) again).

debbie bliss books

viennese shrug

i've been eyeing those debbie bliss books for awhile now, so it was past time for me to bring them home. and, i've fondled the yarn many times, so, after a certain number of visits, it expects to come home with me too. the shrug in the picture is the viennese shrug from interweave knits summer 2005. you cast on with a provisional cast on at the center back and knit toward the cuff. the color of silky wool looked kinda like oxidized red wine, but, in different light, looks more like a rich reddish chocolate. it can't decide. kinda like me.

and my sock? well, it's still a sock. but, i'm secretly planning on ripping it out! i think it wants to be knitted like the dorchester sock.


pinky said...

Yum!! That silky wool is such a great color and will look great on me, I mean YOU.

Delia said...

very very bizarre... on my most recent trip to the LYS I bought that exact yarn and the Cathay book. Must be that time of year or something!

Chase Squires said...

Gray, I saw your Lost about Lost post yesterday on Crazyauntpurl ... if it helps, here's the recap (just scroll down 'till you find the stick figures ... Yeah, it's goofy, but it does stick to the plot)

-- cheers .. Chase