Sunday, November 06, 2005

(very) latenight knitting

who can resist the temptation of fresh sock yarn? i saw this colorway the other day, and had to have it. since i've knitted a lot of socks since the summer, i've been looking for alternative ways to knit the sock ... vs. my usual cuff to toe method.

while in vermont, olive landlord was knitting a very pretty koigu sock, toe up. she was doing a short row toe, and the knitting was so neat and tidy. i decided that's what i want to do with this yarn. i'm following the same pattern as agent olive, it's wendy's generic toe up sock pattern. i also found a very good article on knitty about toe up variations.

as most my knitting, this is my second start with the sock. i initially thought my size 0's gave me the fabric i desired ... but, i don't want a sock that can stand on its own, and it was too small (shhhh!)... so i ripped it out and reknit with 1's. i prefer to knit socks on 1's, because i'm afraid i'm going to snap those tiny 0's in half!

the pattern has the heel short rowed too ... i guess i'm willing to try that. i can always rip it out!

oh yeah! almost forgot ... i finished my backyard leaves scarf! the ends have been woven in since thursday. i've been procrastinating. but, no more --- it's a little embarrassing to say you have not finished a scarf because you have to sew a tiny 4" seam. i shamed myself into finishing. i'm also almost finished with the curly twirly scarf ... FO pictures soon!


DK said...

Pretty colors :)-- ever since I saw agent scarlett's square garter toe in VT, I've been dying to break out of my cuff to toe mold and try one :p
I'll have to go visit MeilenweitLand soon...

pinky said...

pretty sock colors! You know that if your socks come out too small they'll probably still fit me. /hint