Tuesday, November 08, 2005

knitter's tantrum!

i'm stalled on my sock. i don't think i like how short rows look. i don't like how they break up the pattern, and i don't like the holes! whaaaaa!

aqua stripes sockish aqua stripes fabric shortrow heel sucks! aqua stripes ball

please, click on any photos for a big exploded rude awakening!

part of me says, "but, they're socks! who cares about the aesthetic?!" ummm, i care! i care that the holes at my short rows will reduce the lifespan of my socks! (maybe!) i don't know. but, i know none of my top down socks have all kinds of holes at the heel and toe. and, there's no "guessing" as to where to place the heel on a top down sock. it seems i wasn't converted.

but, in defense, i do like lucy neatby's toe up bosnia toe turkish heel sock !

(big sigh) what to do????!


D Kitty said...

yep, that pretty much looks like the heel on my first (and last) toe-up sock :p-- I think we need Olive Landlord to give us some lessons :)

Lolly said...

I have very little experience with short row heels, but I have heard many people say that it really just takes practice. Good luck to you--I don't think it looks bad at all!