Tuesday, November 15, 2005

oh! what's this?

isn't she cute? the pattern is from this book. do i need a big box of yarn to knit a teeny bug? of course!

this is what's good about this kind of knitting .... no swatching, it doesn't have to "fit", and it's part of the secret project!


Chris said...

OH No... Not the secrect project!!! Anything but that!

candsmom said...

That is the cutest little bug ever! Hmm...your secret project sure sounds interesting. And lucky you with a whole box of Knit Picks Palette! I'm envious and looking forward to seeing what you knit up with it.

BTW, Thanks for visiting my blog today- I'm so glad I found yours! I'll be visiting again soon! :-)

DK said...

I give up--who's the buggy for?
And why aren't you going to be at work tomorrow so I can play with your new yarn???? :P