Wednesday, November 30, 2005

holiday knitting

i think the only thing that can suck about the holidays is not being able to show all the things i've been knitting, because, a certain recipient reads my blog and would have her surprise spoiled. so, it will remain in secretlandia. (sorry mom)

but, inbetween all the tiny stitches on tiny needles, i've been periodically working on my dreaded mohair wrappy wrap. this is the mohair i purchased on my vermont trip, from the booth, where the vendor told me and all my friends, individually, to cast on a different number of stitches. this hex has resulted in some multiple trips to the frogpond.

but, not too long ago, i decided that 66 was the magic number.


this has become my mindless knitting project. all my other projects require focus or too much yarn to haul around.

though not totally knitting related, this is knitting assisted. i put my tree up yesterday. it's an old aluminum tree from the 50's, and looks like it's had a long celebrated life. but, the hole drilled ontop of the dowel for the king branch is a little loose. so, the king branch would kind of lean. and, when i put my heavy treetopper ontop, it leaned heavily. so, what's a knitter to do? how about reinforce with a size 3 aluminum needle?

tree topper

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