Monday, November 14, 2005

some things work out, some don't. not even the photo upload feature on blogger is working now. and flickr is dragging .... so, i will ever so sloooowly make this posting. in socklandia, i ripped out the previous sock, and cast on for this other sock. but ....

fun colorful sock

if i rip, it will only be the heel. the heel is a bit too deep. i discovered that when i tried on the sock, and slipped my foot into my clog, and i ended up with a bit of extra fabric behind my heel. i love the colors and striping, and how the heel looks. i'm not 100% happy with the sock because of the heel, and a wee hole i have yet to sew up near the ankle.

now, what did not work out. awhile back i cast on for a wrappy wrap ... with my mohair boucle i picked up in vermont. i swear the lady who sold the yarn told each of us very different instructions. so, yet again, i ripped out 80 stitches and 18" of garter st. in mohair! UGH!. next time ... 66. 66 is the magic number!

and now, for the FUN! as what happens with the blog world, we find something, click on a link, follow another, and find new things. this i did one day, and found this ...

click me to go to her website!

i have trouble keeping knitterly secrets ..... click on the photo and go check out her site! there's a link for her blog on that page.


DK said...

^^^girly screaming noises^^^
They're so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

pinky said...

Your VT sock yarn is knitting up so nicely!