Thursday, June 01, 2006

a blast from the past !

swatchy swatch

i almost fell off the wagon today. it's soooo hard to be good ! but i was good. i resisted. i was strong ! what's this? it's a little 4"x4" crocheted swatch of the main stitch pattern for a crocheted dress designed by mari lynn patrick in the nashua pattern book occasion. the dress has a crossed over bodice, sleeveless, with an empire waist and a-line skirt. lovely ! the dress is crocheted with nashua's june. and i love june. i swatched june. june is perfect! and that's why and how i almost fell off the wagon. but, i kept my commitment to my pledge.

what will i be using? this is very OLD stash. it's welcomme's le soie et lin, purchased many many years ago from a closing yarnshop, for 50 cents a ball (it retailed, way back at the end of the 80's or 1990, for $3.75/ball. it's a 50/50 blend of silk and linen, dk wt, and 165 yds. i have about 13 balls of this stuff! ... more than enough for a dress.

everything else? no, i have not finished my crocheted orange wrappety wrap wrap wrap (say that really fast and it makes sense), nor have i finished my chameleon socks or elphine lace socks, or anything else for that matter! feeling feisty? maybe .... it must be the (yarn) diet.

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Saun said...

The desire to buy new yarn must now be replaced with starting a million different projects. That yarn will definitely make a nice dress. I wish I had more patience for crochet.