Sunday, June 18, 2006

progressing on cables

i had a lovely knitting date with my friend, beth, at a local coffee house this morning. she was tackling her first pair of socks, and i brought along my endless cabled blankie. i think i only knitted about 15 rows, but, in the land of double stranded wool over multiple sections of cables, that was quite a lot of progress ... and, mistake free! here is the wider panel up against a narrow panel. i'm only about 1/2 way through one of the wide panels.

yesterday, i had coupon for miguel's just burning a hole in my wallet ... so i found a photo album for my knitting pictures. this album holds 200 4x6 photos, and has a little space for notes ... knitting notes.

knitting photo journal

i just wanted to create a hardcopy of my blog, so to speak, at least visually. also, it will be a great tool for when i go back and knit a 2nd of something i've knitted before, as i can reference my notes on needles, yarn and gauge.


Jenna said...

Of course, your blanket continues to be stunning, even despite the mistakes. Keep up your knitting mojo! The quilt underneath it is lovely, too, does it have a story?
I will now refer to Michael's as Miguel's from now on, just as I refer to the Georgetown area of DC as Jorgetown.

Alice said...

that album idea is a great one!

Lolly said...

I love the album idea. Like a portfolio of sorts! :)

Your afghan is so gorgeous. I love the projects you choose!

Like Jenna, I am pretty fond of this new Miguel's term. So much more interesting than the anglicized version ;)

amanda cathleen said...

Love your album! I've been meaning to start one of my own : )
Your blanket is amazing, your doing great!