Sunday, June 25, 2006

more topflappen !

flickr mosaic

these are mom's creations. she doesn't maintain a blog, so i told her i would post her pictures here ... exclusive publishing rights!

yesterday, on the phone (we live 3 hrs. apart), she told me she would trade all three of my chickens for her holstein. the nerve of her !

i will crochet my own cow, thank you very much !

... but i don't have any white cotton ... unless i unravel a sweater that's been going nowhere for about 10 years. hmmmm ....

just for scale reference, the cow is about the size of a sheet of paper. i think her name is bessie, and her friend the chicken is bruce. bessie is a hotpad. (mom doesn't find her inspiration for names in the bottom of a glass ....)


Terhi said...

Hi Gray! Your chickens are so cute... love them! :-) I have to check out the elann cottons, thanks for the tip!

painter girl said...

To Mama Gossett!,
I love these and you did such a good job! Excellent.
Miss Denise...can a friend who has loads of crochet cotton in her own meager stash send her friend yarn or is that against the rules of the summer of stash? You know you could make a colored cow...maybe bright turquoise if you have it and then send it to said friend....mmmmmnnnnn?
Just kidding! let me know about the yarn.
I will send it on if it is allowed.

amanda cathleen said...

Your mum was just trying to make a good deal! Smart lady! She made such a cute cow! I like painter girls idea, how about a colored cow?