Friday, June 02, 2006

toe mess

this is what my elfine lace socks looked like before they both were frogged. one sock was perfect, with the exception of being knitted with the wrong size needle, and the other was on the right size needle with the wrong toe! i have restarted, again, and am finally on track. i am using the crazy eight cast on, and added 6 extra rounds of plain knitting so the lace doesn't start ontop of my toes.

i seem to have had some troubles with toes lately. i still haven't finished my chameleon socks because i keep making the foot too long or too short. the toe has been frogged once already, and i think i will have to frog it again. why is such a seasoned sock knitter having so many problems? it's because of the short row heel. it's a new heel for me, and i haven't quite figured out my measurements from the back of the heel to where i should begin my toe.

stalled toe

ostrich plume lace

i swatched my brooks farm's riatta the other day on some size 10 turbos. i knitted the swatch 2 repeats wide x 32 rows, and ended up with a swatch the size of a washcloth. i blocked it on the ironing board with lots of pins and my steam iron. this yarn was suppose to be a clapotis, but i think it's going to be an ostrich plume lace shawl instead.

my yarn diet is going well. but that's probably because i'm home visiting my mom and there's not a proper yarnshop within an hour's drive. whew !


Siri said...

Beautiful Elfines. I lvoe the color. Smart move with the extra rows before starting the pattern. It does look a bit odd when knit the way it's written.

Lolly said...

Those Elfines are beautiful! and I love the Opal socks!

Can't wait to see the big ORANGE reveal! :)

amanda cathleen said...

too bad about elfine socks, at least you figured out the problem!
Your chameleon socks look great! I start my toe when there is only 1.5in left to go on the sock. Hope that helped! Love, love LOVE the swatch for ostrich plume!! : D

Mama Bear said...

Love the yarn color for your socks and your blogging name!

Mama Bear