Tuesday, June 27, 2006


is it cheating if you were gifted yarn? though i'm on this diet, some lovely yarn just happened to fall into my hands ....

gifted provence

on the fly, i did a favor for a friend ... and in return, she passed on some of her stash cotton yarns ... it's all provence! i can't wait to make a colored holstein with these yarns!

i already started playing with it yesterday, and crocheted this ....

catherine wheel topflappen

the design is called the catherine wheel and i followed the instructions and chart in my harmony guide's _300 crochet stitches_, volume 6. there are two books in this series for crochet, so be sure to get both volume 6 & 7 if this is your kind of thing. these books are essentially stitch treasuries for crocheters.

detail of catherine wheel

i'm probably going to add some kind of border to the square and call it a washcloth.

i also knitted a couple of dishcloths for my LYS yesterday. these little dishcloths are from leisure art's _garden dishcloths to knit_. i knit my two samples with tahki's cotton classic and size 6 short clover bamboo needles. each cloth only weighs about 20g, so i clearly got two out of one hank of yarn with some leftovers. mine ended up being about 7" square.

garden dishcloths

in other news, my head has just been in a cloud lately, and that's why i have not worked on any of my larger projects ... such as the crocheted dress or aran blankie, or even socks. my attention has dwindled to wee projects such as potholders and dishcloths. if i start to feel any more distressed, i just might resort to crocheting chains!


Agnet Aubergine said...

Small projects are perfect for when you're at loose ends, or just a distracted. Plus, you feel like you really can accomplish things when you finish a little something now and then. I love the Catherine Wheel design. Maybe I need to crochet some dishcloths, too!

Agent Aubergine said...

Gee, let's see how distracted this agent is today. How many mistakes can YOU find in the previous comment???????

Jenna said...

I think it's OK that you're not working on any of the bigger things since you're producing so many cute, small, quick fulfillment projects. I really find them enchanting, so I'm going to encourage you!

amanda cathleen said...

I love your dishcloths. They are the perfect project for when you are stuck in a cloud. : )

painter girl said...

I love these and such perfect crochet stitches!
the colors are beautiful.