Friday, June 23, 2006

a growing family ....

mojito, cosmo & margarita

... margarita was born today. she looks just like her brothers, mojito & cosmo ... i think it's because they hatched from the same kolibri egg. there's still a bit of this yellow kolibri leftover ... a little bit from each of the three balls i worked with. i may be able to squeeze out one more chicken. i figure if i run out, i will just finish it with some double stranded embroidery floss.


crzjane said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I greatly appreciate the cheer.
These chickens are just too cute! Sometimes it's a good thing to pick up a different kind of needle! Too cute! (I just can't say that enough!)

amanda cathleen said...

You are going to have a hen house of chickens soon! : D

pinky said...

What WILL you do with all those chickens? If you give me one, I will crochet you a tofu topflappen in exchange.

painter girl said...

Bak Bak Bak!!!!
They are absolutely adorable!
I am again thinking about making the flying monkeys in crochet...will let you know how it goes.