Thursday, June 29, 2006

i am a (blessed &) lucky yarn girl

as we all know, i am on a yarn diet. i am probably one of the few dieters that has gained weight vs. losing weight. but, it is quite wonderful.

first up, i am in cahoots (how ever does someone spell that?!) with a knitterly queen that sent me a special package with some sock yarn! i adore sock yarn ... simply adore sock yarn! and this sock yarn ... it has BAMBOOOOO in it! it's 45% bamboo, plus wool and all the other sock yarn stuff. i didn't realize that until i read the label. i just observed its opulence. it glows. it's almost pearlescent.

bamboo ?!

and it loves me ... i swatched it on some available needles, but i think i need to go down to a crystal palace size 1 vs. an addi size 1. it's simply lovely!

what else came my way this week? some kolibri ....

kolibri twins

the shades didn't translate well in photography, and post-production, but these shades are turquoise and emerald, ... destined to be something crocheted and farm-like. madame rrrrrrrita read between the lines, and answered the call.

if that wasn't enough, a madame angelheart showered me with some knitterly gifts today!

gifts from angelheart

the gift bag included knitterly notecards with envelopes, a 1 litre water bottle, and ...... SOCK YARN !!!!

G O A L !!!!

... that's my tribute to the world cup. when i traveled in south america, way toooo long ago, ... all i can say is that when a small, third world country is participating in such an event, every radio and television in that country is tuned in ... and when something great happens, the shouts of GOAL and the sounds of firecrackers popping all over the city just ignite the air! VIVA BOLIVA !

.... anyhoo, i digress .... it has been raining here in the south, and it has been raining especially hard here. and, i am NOT complaining! here's a little close up of what the art is on the note cards ...

note to santa

now ... for the icarus shawl winner ! may i present .... ?


... misti alpaca lace wt, in color #8105, a pearly gray la gran baby alpaca 2 ply, at 437 yds/50g. this should, technically, take only 2 balls! but, of course, i have a third ball on stand-by. now, this is where things get fuzzy in terms of the yarn diet. i went through my stash. i even ripped out a partially knitted shawl in lorna's laces. i swatch the charcoal merino. i was dissatisfied. i have a gift certificate to my LYS. i had no exceptions. i treated myself with money already spent (by someone else) on the yarn to knit the shawl of my dreams !!!!!

and perhaps i am cursed. perhaps my shawl is cursed ... perhaps i was chatting with customers, answering the phone, and doing other things while transitioning from one repeat to another ... but, i got off pattern somewhere ... and i'm frogging. it's okay though. i will be more careful from here on out. i'm almost to the mistake too.


let's just say, i'm in love again ......


Alice said...

alpaca is great for that shawl, i love the colour too.

bamboo sock yarn. Wow. That is AMAZING!!

Jenna said...

Wow, what a lucky lady you are to have some great gift-giving friends! I'm so intrigued by the bamboo sock yarn,, I wonder how it feels on your feet and how - ahem- absorbant it is. That alapca is an absolutely dvine choice for the shawl.

ms. pea said...

So funny! You on a yarn diet, you are the most effusive yarn lover ever! How do you manage to just drown in yarn when you're dieting??? I am amazed.

amanda cathleen said...

bamboo sock yarn?? Cool!
Love the starting of your shawl, the blue is so calming : )