Tuesday, October 18, 2005

small progress

i played around with some other yarn today, but had to just finish something. i've been avoiding the bindoff of my toe up sock, ... procrastinating. i found some simple instructions for a cast off for my 2x2 ribbed cuff. i don't know if there is a better way to do this, but it does have enough stretch to fit around my leg ... though it looks kinda ruffled when unworn.

finished dorchester sock

you know what this means now ... gotta start the mate! i made some progress on the backyard leaves scarf. i've completed all my chart repeats (of the first 1/2 of the scarf)(boy, this is getting to be like a sock project), and now get to finish the ends. it's really been a quick knit, once i got over the hump of false starts. i've been good and fixed all my mistakes too!

backyard leaves scarf

since this is a stashbuster project, i've considered knitting up every bit of yarn, but i don't think i really want a superlong scarf --- i already have one of those.

rockstar scarf rockstar scarf close up rockstar scarf twisted cord fringe

this scarf is soooo long that when i wrap it around my neck, the fringe almost brushes the floor. yes, that was my intention. i was inspired by this ...

rowan crochet scarf

as i've often found, the pattern is a basic stitch that i found the chart for in one of my crochet harmony books. i didn't make it as wide as the original, and i made twisted cord ferengi, as, i don't really care for snippets dangling off my knits. i used two strands of a worsted wt. wool/alpaca yarn held together.

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Jennifa said...

Love both scarves! The color of your crocheted scarf is really nice.