Wednesday, December 21, 2005

ann budd to the rescue ....

indian grandma's stockingas i predicted, i would start a last minute gift with almost no time to spare. who better to refer to than interweave's ann budd? she wrote a couple of super handy books for knitters, and for this project i picked up my copy of the knitter's handy book of patterns. no, the book does not feature felt christmas stockings, that's just to show who i am making the beret for.
so, like a good knitter, i went through my stash looking for an appropriate yarn. of course i did not have such yarn. so, a trip to the LYS was in order! as we all know, i came home with more than just yarn for the beret, but that's another posting.

indian grandma's beret so, this is the beret, though it looks more like a red wad. the yarn is goddess yarn's emmanuella, a merino wool. i'm knitting it on size 6 16" inox, and just finished with the first ball of yarn. it's going to be a 2-ball project. if i stay on task, i should finish the knitting some time today. then i can reward myself with the other yarn i picked up yesterday. i would be such a good dog, i'd do anything for a treat.

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