Monday, December 19, 2005

don't look mom !!!!!

it's finished secret knitting ....

be sure to move mouse over photo

what's better than one? ... two !

i am making progress on my knitted throw. i just started strip #3. they're photographed offset, because when i started strip #2, i started with the wrong color. oops. i'll be able to start sewing these together once i get the third strip knitted.

ps the throw will be 9 blocks tall x 8 strips wide. as of this morning's trip to the laundromat, i have 2 1/2 strips knitted!

i found this swatch when i was digging through some stash. i think it was knitted w/o a cable needle, but i don't remember the little tricks to do that anymore. looking at it wants to make me relearn how, and to do something with cables!


painter girl said...

You rock Miss Grey!
I love your new throw and the secret knitting...your mom is very lucky to have such a talented daughter.
Come by on your way home.

Monica said...

Your throw is coming along nicely! How many strips will be knit?