Friday, December 09, 2005

parts is parts

knitted bug parts

yep, that's a partial bug-a-boo. poor thing was waiting for its wings and antennae. i've been knitting more bugs, with the wonderful box of knitpick's palette i ordered awhile back. i just love having so many colors to chose from for knitting these little things!

schumtzie's bug

this other fellow is a bit injured. he flew over to schumtzie's last night, for some wine & wool, and was mac-attacked! sneaky F*%#!@" watched ms. onyx divine and me hang the poor target. little did we realize that mr. mac was planning an ambush. poor bug-a-boo was repaired, and later hung far out of reach.

i've made a lot of progress on my wrappy wrap, but, forgot to take pictures. oops.

ps tomorrow morning i take off for my spinning workshop! yippy!

1 comment:

DKD said...

That little Mac--" a pwooesent for meeeee?"
"Mau!" (Tosh)
Hope spinning was fun!