Saturday, December 10, 2005

haphazard spinner

first mini-hank

2 ply close up 2

2 ply close up

i'm pooped. i'm pooped from spinning a tiny weenie hanky of yarn! and it only weighs .5 ounces! truth be told, part of what wore me out was a day of constant (paying) attention. i'm all better now, with some lovely tunes on my i-pod and a glass of wine.

this hank is from a good long session of spinning on a drop spindle, and then plying it together with the spindle. after lunch, it was wheel spinning (yikes!). that was more difficult, as it spins faster, and, and, and ......

i used a lendrum. i had some problems with getting the wheel going in the right direction. i felt like i needed a third hand or foot. tomorrow i will try another wheel. that's the point to this discovery. you must try different wheels.

the morning started out with feeding the sheep :) i want to live on a sheep farm. tomorrow we'll do some spinning of other fibers.

i'm too tired and overloaded to say much more right now.

ps, isn't it pretty?


pinky said...

Yay for you! I'm so impressed!!

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed too. What will you make -- sure you will be creative