Thursday, December 22, 2005


the beret is blocking on a dinner plate in the kitchen. i think there is a mistake in the pattern, so i improvised and did what i think it should be.

the pattern is the same for all the tams, with different options for the shaping of the top, whether a swirl-crown or wheel-shaped crown. the wheel-shaped crown calls for double decreases every other round. you are decreasing 12 sts every other round. the swirl-shaped crown calls for single decreases, also, every other round, which adds up to only 6 decreases every other round. i think that's wrong. i think that's a recipe for an onion head shape. so, i worked my single decreases every round.

anyhoo, looks like indian grandma is getting a beret from the knitting santa!


pinky said...

Onion head shape? Like for... Onion Head Monster?

Anonymous said...

Scary thing, but I understand onion head shaping -- having done it a few times myself...

Merry Christmas, Grey LG, and to Pink Acrylique, too!