Monday, December 05, 2005

rainy monday

the new knitty is up! whooo hooo! bet you can guess which patterns are my favorites (the first two).
not to knock another designer, but, who wants gloves that are so bulky that they're knitted with size 9 needles?

ps there are lots of smaller projects, great for last minute holiday knitting ....


pinky said...

Doy, you need bulky gloves for those times that you are itching to knit SO MUCH that your fingers need to be restrained by thick, thick wool. You know, like during sleep and stuff.

I think the sideways garter-stitch gloves are good as a concept, but need to be adapted for smaller gauges in order to result in useful items.


DKitty said...

Spin-Off had a nice pattern for those is a light worsted-- got one started in a bag somewhere, yep... what about the "stocking " hat? :p

gray la gran said...

um, what "stocking" hat?