Sunday, December 11, 2005

is it just me?

(i'll probably burn in knitter-bloglandia hell for this ....) or is anyone else out there tired of seeing vickie howell all over bloglandia? i can appreciate some parts of the knitting aspect, but i just wish she'd stop trying to be sooooo hip and get a new hair-do. i think that's my main issue ... the images i see are all styled. isn't she a real person? with bad hair days and feeling fat days too?
i've seen only two episodes of this show --- one was trying to show how to knit socks. i knit socks. lots of socks, and i couldn't follow what was happening. the camera view was dizzy, and the pace was like taking a college summer school session, w/the lab too!
it seems today is the last day of the tour. aaaaaaw.
should you care, you can read her blog here.

well, that's my story, and i'm sticking with it!


Saun said...

You're not alone. I don't begrudge any one trying to tour and push their book but I think she should have spaced it out or something. Seeing her face all week is overkill. I'm not a big fan of the show either. I've tried to watch it but it never keeps my attention.

DKittyD said...

Never seen the show, but I have seen the book, and any blog that describes it as "fun and fabulous" is smoking some special kind of tobaccy.

pinky said...

At the same time, with SO MANY knitting books coming out (you'd think they would have petered out by now) I can't think of many other ways to get the average knitter's attention. Thank goodness WE are not average and we don't require (nay, we even balk at) songs-and-dances to turn us onto good new books.

My advice is to skip to another blog and just pretend it isn't happening. You will however burn in knitblog hell, but I'm there, too, in the circle reserved for bloggers who take bad pictures.