Tuesday, December 06, 2005


i was baaaaaaadddddd! i can't wait for christmas & birthday, so i treated myself to some somethings from WEBS. oooh! i can't wait!

now i'm going to be gooooooood and work on my stocking.


OD said...

What? No Luxury Tweed from elann?? :p

DK said...

When is your birthday anyway? :)

Anonymous said...

little miss agent gray is a christmas eve babe.

DKDivine said...

Ooo, of course, how could I have missed the big "DENISE'S BIRTHDAY" scrawled all the 24th on the calender at work??

Christine said...

I don't remember what circuitous blog path I used to get here, but I just wanted to say hi!! Great mouseover effect on the "secret" project, what a fun idea!

Love your aluminum tree, I have one too and I just adore it!

As our "Governor" here in California says.. "I'll be back!"