Tuesday, December 06, 2005

i just can't keep a knitterly secret!

if, you are my MOTHER, and reading this .... STOP! GO BACK! unless you want to spoil your christmas ....

what's in the box?

be sure to move mouse over photo

and what's in box #2?

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mom thinks she knows everything. she thinks she's getting socks for christmas. why does she have to be right?

i bought her this yarn for her birthday, and a book on crocheting socks. she struggled with gauge, briefly, and shoved the project back in the bag. she doesn't really have time to play like i do though. so, i stole the yarn back during my thanksgiving visit. the pattern i am using is from the xrx book _socks socks socks_. it's a feather & fan pattern, and, i hope it fits! i will take my leftover yarn home incase i need to make any adjustments in length.

i have also been working on my snowman christmas stocking ... but am stalled on deciding which colors to use for the i-cord. plus, i just couldn't tell one color from the next in the lamplight. we have a sunny day here, so, i should get over my color hump this afternoon and knit on!

secret knitting is a bummer. i like posting pictures. i should just give up on secrets.


DKD said...

Wow, do you think your Mom is really going to not look? ;)
(Or I should say: Are you your mother's daughter?? :))

gray la gran said...

um, let me quote what mama cupcake said when i warned her ....

is that like "please don't throw me into the briar patch"........duh.................

pinky said...

I must confess that when you told me you had "secret knitting" going on I was just waiting for you to reveal it here on your blog. We are both kind of bad at keeping secrets, especially pretty ones.

Your mommy is so lucky to have YOU for a daughter!! My mommy gets socks too but they're just boring brown Retro Ribz.

"mgdwi" I find it amusing that my verification word ends in "dwi".

Monica said...

The sock looks great! Colors work nicely with the pattern.

So far, I don't think any of my family or people I knit for read my blog, and certainly not regularly, so I am cavalier and show photos; I don't mention who it's for, just in case. I wonder if that spoils the surprise? Then again, I'm not going for total surprise. I think they'll be shocked as it is.