Wednesday, April 12, 2006

cookies & cream

summer knitting underway

i swatched this yarn the other day, and sort of fell in love. i was amazed at the yardage ... 125 yds! this is nashua's sassafras, a 50/50 blend of cotton and acrylique. it's a tape yarn with thread wrapped around it. i love it. i searched my pattern collection to find just the right tanktop, and i found this by bonne marie. i'm knitting the version with shaping and skinny straps, in the smallest size, which only calls for 500 yds. it is quick mindless knitting, an almost instant gratification project.

cookies and cream


Nik said...

that noro sweater is a cute one.
you know, i love nashua yarns. and the pattern books have some amazing patterns in them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Agent Gray,

Well this made my day! It is a really cute design, which will look good on you.

I kind of see Sassafrass as an Albany alternative, with a little better gauge. Maybe that's what attracted you. Or me. Maybe I should make a top in the navy? Actually, that is not a bad idea. Too bad we didn't do black.

Your package, I think, went in UPS today. Sent to GY - should be there Monday or Tues. Hopefully the packing materials will want you to consider a name change.

Katie K.(who needs a name change herself, but Nancy Nashua just won't cut it. Nadine, Noreen, Nelly, Norma, Natasha -- none of these are working for me.)

PS: Hi Nik! Thanks for the high praise.

Dipsy said...

Hi from Austria! Gosh, this yarn is sooo amazing, I totally fell for it the moment I saw the pic on your blog! The pattern you chose to use it with is absolutely perfect, can't wait to see more progress pics!