Sunday, April 30, 2006

sunnyside up sprinkled with pepper

be sure to move mouse over photo

i couldn't decide which picture to use. the first seems so dull, and the other far more inaccurate, but more fun. anyhoo, i have about 6 inches of egg yoke yellow sock knitted. i did a bit of research of opal sock yarns on the net, and this particular pattern is called prisma. the more i look, the more i want opal.

as i suspected, i was too eager to start knitting. the research to knit a textured stitch pattern with the more solid looking yarn proved futile.

i'll get pictures posted later today of my crochet motifs!


Emma said...

Love the dual display--very clever.

pinky said...

Gah!! Such beautiful socks, and this is coming from the person who cannot handle yellow. It's like everything you knit comes out wonderfully, no matter what!

DK said...

LOVE the yellow! ^..^

Dipsy said...

That dual display is so cool! And so is the yarn, I totally love yellows (and oranges for that matter), so even looking at it gives me a cheerful feeling!