Sunday, April 09, 2006

butterfly makes her debut!

inside butterfly

probably not the debut photo anyone would expect, but a great inside shot! after many days of waiting, butterfly finally dried. i tried her on. the sleeves had grown a bit. she was whisked away to thursday knit night for the final verdict... "leave the sleeves alone!" was the unanimous cry. today, she's going for a test drive, out on errands. it's actually cold enough for a wooly sweater today. when i realized how cool it was going to be today, i got busy on weaving in ends that would show (meaning, the underarm ends are still nice and long, hanging/hiding inside). then i sewed on the grosgrain ribbon for the hook & eye. the pattern's instructions say nothing about this, but i thought it would give the fabric more support w/o any unsightly pulling. this was some quick and dirty sewing as i need to get going!


Saun said...

For quick and dirty sewing, it looks really neat and well thought out. It's definitely cold out, so I'm sure you'll be able to fully enjoy Butterfly

heather said...

Wow you've been busy over here! Look at all the cute stuff! I've missed so much.
I want to see a full-on shot of your sweater, no cheating. I'm dying to see it!
Love your hook and the way you used the ribbon to reinforce it. You are so smart. I wish I would have done that for a few sweaters I made for the kidlet. Great idea!