Friday, April 28, 2006


i actually have a folder under my picture folder titled silliness. it doesn't really have that many pictures in it, but it recently had two more added to the bunch. may i present the first ...

bunny box

what could, or would, be inside such a box?!

bunny love

felted bunny slippers!!!!

devil kitty strikes again! ... here's the story. ms. olive landlord had tried her hand at the crocheted bunny slippers from debbie stoller's happy hooker book. it just didn't work out. something was wrong ... and i understand, as i'm the first to abandon a stressful project! run away! so, ms. olive landlord received the knitted felted bunny slippers as a birthday gift from the whimsical devil kitty. they're tooooo cute!

i must admit, i love the bunny slippers, but i think i love the cardboard box even more!? it's all in the presentation ....

ps ... mama cupcake informed me today that she got some black plastic circular handbag handles at miguel's today for her blue & black fat bottomed bag featured in the previous post. yeah mom! send me another picture to post!


Dipsy said...

LOL - I absolutely adore the bunny slippers - and yep, the box is almost cooler even - "Live Fuzzy Animals inside" sure must have made Ms. Olive Landlord's eyes getting a bit bigger at first! Great idea, great pressie!

Siri said...

Silliness, indeed, as well as sweet, cozy looking slippers.
As for your "silliness" folder, I too have a "GOOFY" folder, both in My Pictures and in my Favorites links. I'll have to remember to go through those every now and again on a tough day, just for laughs.