Friday, April 28, 2006

secret agent handiwork

when i went home to visit mom a week ago, i was working on this fat bottomed bag for her. it's hard to finish a project and have it remain a secret, so it was finished in her company. the yarn is a wide ribbon called taj mahal that i picked up at the craft store. for a craft store yarn, it was kinda expensive. it reminds me of louisa harding's sari ribbon. it was crocheted with an I hook and is quite sturdy!

she got the bug to crochet herself a bag too, as i had told her about devil kitty's multicolored bag. this one is crocheted with four different shades of blues & black, all in cotton, by sinfonia.

agent aubergine came by for a sit & knit yesterday, and shared a sneak peek at her newest book acquistion, ... _knitting nature_ by norah gaughan. this book is a must have! it's on my amazon list, and will soon be ordered! you can see more pictures of what's inside at knitpicks. agent aubergine had already knitted the scarf in a purplish soysilk. it was soooo pretty!

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Alice said...

my flate mate (who taught me to knit and like me has been holding out on crochet) has admitted to buying some hooks.

I may have to cave and buy the afgan book i saw today.

I cannot belive i am thinking of CROCHETING an AFGAN.

its the blogosphere's fault.