Sunday, April 30, 2006

orange crush

this is my cheat sheet i am using to check off the motifs i've made and where to join them. i'm focusing more on creating as many separate motifs as possible, or joining into smaller clusters, to avoid working with the entire piece at once. i am almost half way through making motifs for this shawl.

evergrowing motifs

before taking this picture, i just tossed the crochet (right side down) onto the ironing board to tidy it up with a hot steamy iron.

and, i got a new baby today ... and the colors fit in nicely with the trend i've been on the last couple of days.

ps. incase anyone is wondering, the pattern for this shawl/wrap is from a book by vogue knitting, part of their on the go series, titled _crocheted scarves_. this pattern in particular is called the spoke motif shawl and is designed by svetlana avrakh. it's worth its cover price, lots of good projects!


painter girl said...

Ohhhh! so elegant and pretty. You'll have to pose with this wrap so we can all see it with your beautiful hair!
Thanks for the link. It was super awesome.

Dipsy said...

Gosh, this is so beautiful, I'm amazed on how evenly and pretty you did the stitches! And ohhh, your new baby is so pretty - as you said, the orange fits perfectly with your latest trend!

Jill said...

WOW. looks GREAT. Where on earth did you find such a cool pattern?

I would love to know!!


heather said...

That is going to be beautimous. I love it!