Wednesday, April 19, 2006

sock mania offered up schachenmayr nomotta regia 4 fadig sock yarn today at 50% off. the first shade is color 1054 brown, then color 5572 cedar grove, then color 53 grey-blue tweed, and the last color is 5375 multi effekt chestnut. and i don't know how i got my pictures to line up this way, but i'll take it ... it's better than the long column of blocks stacked upon one another.

i felt somewhat entitled to fresh sock yarn because i finished knitting the pinky stripes ....


and as soon as i finished those, i cast on for these!

fresh socks

the above yarn is also by regia, and is from a previous elann order. it's the cotton tip & top, color 4079 roma. i love it!

ps i also finished my chickami and another fat bottomed bag. pictures soon!


Dipsy said...

Wow, such beautiful yarn! I absolutely love Regia's sock yarn - it's a tad expensive, at least over here, but certainly worth the price when you see the end result!
Your pinky stripes look so amazing, and gosh, you're already so far with the next pair - you're a speed-sock-knitter! Great work!

Siri said...

So cute, the pinky stripes.
Tell me, HOW DID I MISS OUT ON THE REGIA SALE? I swear I check the sneak peek page at least every other day. Oops. Maybe I missed a few days.
YOU SCORED! Both times!