Saturday, April 29, 2006

it's raining socks!

a pretty pair

i finished these yesterday and am so eager to cast on for another pair of socks. what makes a sock knitter so desperate? ... it's the sock yarns. sock yarns offer so much satisfaction ... they're pretty, inexpensive, and promise hours of knitting!

so, which ones are next?

opal sock yarn

this baby is opal. i traded some kidsilk spray for this 100 gr ball of yarn that the former owner had picked up on a trip out west. i love how bright it is and the little dots! it's like sunspots.

regia sock yarn

this is regia, and both these yarns are a wool blend. my previous finished pair is a wool/cotton/polymide blend. i love the subtle shading of this yarn, and it would lend itself well to a textured stitch pattern.

i just can't decide! i have a tendency to follow the path of the least resistance, the least amount of thinking, though, i do want change. i have been knitting lots of socks in plain old stockinette stitch, so sort of want to break that with some patterning.

my sources of choice for inspiration? these two books. but my number one favorite? nancy bush's _folk socks_.


corbett said...

For sure.
It's so beautiful. Jealousy sets in...
Can you finish them for a viewing by Wednesday?!
I might have another pair finished, too if I don't have to drive the whole way home...

Anonymous said...

That's an easy decision to make....the ones you are going to make for your mother, of course!

painter girl said...

You are the knitting queen miss thang. Love the crocheted bags! Especially the blue one. Thinking about going to Mary Jo's. Wanna go with?
Call me next time you are driving through and maybe we can meet for lunch or something.

Saun said...

Wow. I just saw you working on those and you're done already. I like the color of the Opal. It's so bright and pretty.

Siri said...

Your socks turned out great...and quickly, too, it seems! I know how that is with the self-patterning yarns. "Just a few more rows to see how the next part will look" and before you know it, you're done.
I'd love to see how the yellow Opal yarn knits up. I've been eyeing that patterning since they came out with it, but haven't ever been able to choose a color to try because I like them all.

Ranger Susie said...

I love Nancy Bush's sock books. The Vintage Socks one is on me list for new purchases.