Monday, June 16, 2008

knitting green

so, i started knitting this sweater. and i made a mistake. and i had to rip back ... so i thought, "hey, this might be a good time to take a break and update the blog !"


i did swatch. there's the proof. i got gauge.

i almost finished knitting the first ball tonight (tahki cotton classic, 108 yds), but then i saw a mistake ... a mistake i could not fudge nor fix, without ripping.

i could pick up where i left off (after picking up my stitches again) ... but no, i don't feel like it right now.

i think, instead, i'm going to knit on my dishcloth!


pattern: Openwork Boatneck Pullover #7 by Rosemary Drysdale
yarn: tahki cotton classic, col. 3609
needles: size 6 harmony circs.
smallest size (it's gonna stretch) ~


Mouse said...

I've got a tech question for you.. how are you doing the "spec information" with the ravelry link to the project?

painter girl said...

Hey Miss Grey!
Love this color and the pattern. The boat neck will look lovely on you.

Stacey said...

very nice - love the color and the openwork pattern. after it's short time out, i'm sure you'll have quite a bit knitted when you pick it back up!

Rebecca said...

ooooooh, i saw this. may even have the pattern, too. and a similar green, but not the tahki. loved that pattern though. was it easy? but if you're ripping it out... maybe i ought to shelve any ideas at making this anytime soon, though i do love a boatneck.