Friday, June 06, 2008


i have the sock bug. of course, it never really goes away ...

so, on ravelry, ska's (sock knitters anoymous) challenge this month includes a sock designed by priscilla gibson-roberts, or a 'design your own'.

as i didn't feel like designing my own, i must say swatching for the pgr sock has me thinking about a possible design.

i'm going to knit the dresser scarf socks from IK spring '03.

the leg/cuff is knitted flat, side to side, then grafted, and then the stitches for the foot are picked up and knitted down to the toe. so, it has an intersting construction, and it's knitted with an interesting yarn, cascade's fixation.

i started swatching on the bus this morning, so i used my crappy camera phone to take a picture.

the color is actually periwinkle.

note to self: first portion on size 5's, changing to 4's ....

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StringPlay said...

I'm going to enjoy watching this sock progress. I found you via Ravelry searching on Panda Wool and am now shamelessly making Roza's Socks because I loved yours.