Thursday, June 19, 2008

ripping green

i'm afraid i've knitted a big sloppy swatch. as i moved into my second ball of yarn, the wonkiness of the stitches next to the dropped stitches started to bother me more and more. i have not officially ripped yet, only because i want to take a picture before it all gets unwound.

in the meantime, i am knitting on things that don't matter so much. ie: dishcloths and washcloths. easy peasy. stashbusting.

i am not giving up on the green tahki though. now my eyes have wandered over towards cece.

and today, because i was so disgusted with my wonky green blob, i went back to working on my pgr periwinkle sockens.

this morning (on the bus) i grafted the leg. this afternoon, on the return trip, i hope to pick up the stitches for the foot. i'm eager to knit the heel too ... i like pgr's yo method (ie: wraps suck).


Stacey said...

ugh - how frustrating!!! at least you have a couple other things to keep your mind off it for right now until you decide what to do. Did you wash the swatch? Sometimes stitches even out with a washing....

Anonymous said...

expect a surprise Monday or Tuesday!
And yes we will be around the 4th!
You come on over anytime. I have a new recipe to try out on you and Will
will make margaritas!

Happy late birthday and Christmas!