Thursday, June 26, 2008

yummy stuff

i was knitting on the pagewood, and the pattern/yarn/needles were not lovin' each other. first of all, i think i should had been knitting with 1's vs 2's. but, like a dummy, i cast on with the recommended needle size because this pattern has a cast on of 54 sts. and, what i "forgot", like a dummy, was i ALWAYS knit looser in k/p combination patterns, ... oh, and throw some lace in there, and we're talking loooooose !

plan B. i also decided that the pattern i was knitting may look nicer in a solid or semi-solid. so, i pulled out my beautiful plant dyed yarn by siri.

how beautiful!

it was the right thing to do. i love the pagewood, but i'm thinking it's going to end up as nutkins.

i'm quite excited about this sock! the pattern is quick to memorize, easy, virtually mindless ... and very elegant. another perk is that i am using my clover (size 1) dpns. i cannot remember the last time i used them, because i often reach for my metal susan bates dpns. but, knitting this lovely plant dyed yarn with bamboo is quite appropriate somehow.

i totally feel that the yarn (follow my links to read about the yarn and where the dye material was gathered) and the pattern were made for one another.

in other yummy news, i got my namaste newport bag in the mail the other day. i bought this bag sight unseen (well, as unseen as one can get with the internet).

namaste newport

it's everything i hoped it would be. this is my first 'real' knitting bag. i love their bags because they're solid vs. prints (i wear enough prints in my clothing), and have a dual purpose as knitting bag and purse, w/o making one look like a frumpy bag lady.

it's pretty cool. i used it today for the first time and loved it !


Mouse said...

wow.. that is a gorgeous bag! I really wish it came in purple!

turtlegirl76 said...

I got a Malibu Bag in Saddle the other day. I LOVE IT. I have a bit of the thing for Namaste though. =)

Stacey said...

love the sock! what's the pattern??? It's funny how we know if yarn + pattern were meant to be - it's that knitters feeling we get when we knit on it...we just know.

that bag!!!! amazing!!!

Zarah said...

Those socks are gorgeous! You're right, the combo is perfect!

PBW said...

I also got the Newport in Peacock, after my niece nabbed my turquoise Laguna.

But mine is making me thing Fall and maybe I need one in Hollywood Pink or turquoise to get me through summer. Or at least this is the rational I'm using with the hubby.

Love your photo, enjoy your bag.

angelarae said...

Beautiful knitting bag...Glad you finally got yourself one. That looks like it could hold more than one sock project!