Sunday, June 08, 2008

unexpected bliss and revelation

though i don't feel i've knitted enough today, i still made some decent progress on my pgr periwinkle sockens. i did some of the hard parts yesterday (ie: grafting the leg together in garter stitch and the bulk of the short row heel).

i finished the heel this morning, and dove right into the foot. i am eager to get this first sock finished, and start the mate ... 'cause we all know if i don't i will have another orphan on my hands foot.

definite progress

i am pleased with the design and construction of this sock, though i now find the colorway rather boring. it would be nice if the fixation or esprit came in semi-solids. though, it would probably look kinda cool in their variegated versions too, as there's a change of direction from the leg to the foot (leg is knitted flat, side to side, and foot is knitted in the 'regular' way to the toe).

did you see my pretty blue needles?! i was at my lys yesterday, and realized i didn't have any US4 dpns, but my lys had a set in pony pearl. often, i skip the pony's because their tips are hit&miss. this set looked good, the price was right, and i was on my way to knitting in the round.

the stitch marker on my leg marks the area inwhich i grafted the leg together. i was concerned that it would be a hideous blemish, but i think it looks like the rest of the stich pattern, which is *perfect* in my book.

anyways ... this sock is kind of a milestone for me. i've knitted lots of socks. lots of pretty socks with lace and cables and such, but ... this sock ......
the construction is unusual. the yarn is *different*. and i am actually knitting a pattern without modifications !!! in some ways, i like the task. i also like the variation on sock construction.

it makes me think that i could design something with this kind of construction with one of the many edging or border patterns from my library of hand or machine knitting stitch books.

(sigh) ... well, though it looks like a flat periwinkle socken, ... there's a lot more going on there!


Stacey said...

you have to graft other than the toe?? interesting! it looks great!

Lisa said...

Interesting construction! Got to try me some of that.