Monday, June 23, 2008

porch edition

i could had used so many other titles for this posting, such as ... "this IS love!".

i had a nice surprise waiting on my porch today. i knew something was coming, but i had no idea what would be in the expected package.

though this is my crafty/knitting blog, the first thing i want to share is my favorite thing of all ....

i LOVE my scarecrow ....

so many things my friend leanne makes moves me. i don't know why. i don't know if it's the imagery, or just that this friend i love makes such wonderful art. awhile back, she had painted this amazing scarecrow ........oh, how i coveted it !!!
but, it was not to be mine. it belongs to someone else. but, now, i have my own version of it. it's petite ... about the size of a sheet of paper. after i opened my box with the painting, i walked around my apartment trying to decide 'where' should it live. i don't know yet. it will come to me.

noro socken yarn

along with the painting, came something of the knitterly persuasion ... noro socken yarn!. i had seen it locally. i carried around a few balls of it, not being able to decide. and, when i cannot decide, i cut my strings. i put it back.
but, now i have some. and i'm thinking, perhaps i should challenge myself with this cool socken pattern on knitty.

this was not in the box, but something i made this past weekend, when i could not focus on anything else ... a little crochet .....


he is cute! i think he's a he. hmmm ... well, this little amigurumi guy is crocheted with (mostly) vanna's choice acrylique. i do like the yarn. it has a great palette.

(sigh)... it's been a long day. the timer for dinner beeped about 10 min. ago. ... that would be the timer saying, "the falafel is ready to cook".


painter girl said...

Hey Miss Grey,
I am so glad that you liked the goodies.
I can't wait to see what you make with that yarn. And I can't wait to see how the colors come out.

painter girl said...

And I LOVE the little man and his colors!

Zarah said...

The little crochet dude is adorable!