Friday, June 13, 2008

some satisfying knitting ....

...though there are socks i want to be knitting, and some that even have deadlines, it's fun to pick up something that promises to be quick and mindless ... and a stashbuster !

instant gratification

a number of weeks ago, a woman that i helped with her crochet, said thanks by knitting me a washcloth. at the time, she called it a 'doily'. her daughter said that it took mom 6 hrs. to knit one.

it has become my favorite washcloth. period. but, i need more. i knitted one as a bus project in just a few rides. i finished it on wednesday, and passed it on to my mom. so, i still don't have more. perhaps this weekend will see some more little washcloths pop up?


pattern: old copy from an unknown yarn store with the woman's notes on it (she altered the pattern and made it 14pt. vs. 13pt.)
yarn: peaches & creme
needles: size 8 clover shorts
used less than 1/2 ball of yarn ... can get 2 from 1 easily.


Anonymous said...

What a 'purdy' thing to shower with!

painter girl said...

beautiful. and I love the color!

Stacey said...

stashbusting, pretty, functional and quick - what more could you ask for!

Esoteric Knitter said...

Stash busting is always awesome especially when you crank out something cute like this.