Wednesday, March 29, 2006

attack of the killer bunnies!

first of all, everything she says is true!
secondly, look at these!!!!

attack of the killer bunnies!

yesterday, debbie stoller was touring the triangle area, promoting her latest book, _the happy hooker_. it was great to see a packed bookstore full of fiber enthusiasts, all ears for "doctor" stoller (yes, she has a Ph.D. from yale university ... so, not only is she sassy, she's smart!).
pinky and i were at the back of the crowd, playing dressy bessy with all the sample garments that came our way. in the photo above, that's pinky's foot on the left, mine on the right, and a kitty ipod case in the center.

it was a true treat to be able to examine these samples in person. though i call myself a knitter, i do crochet on occasion. i've been known to say that crochet is a series of knots, and i've been overheard refering to the needlepoint shop as the house of snippets. i was pleasantly surprised at how drapey the sweaters were and how much nicer samples were in person vs. on a book page.

great to see you debbie! have fun in miami!

of course, whenever any knitterly or crocheterly (new word!) person goes anywhere, it's not without at least one project in the bag. i was toting around two projects yesterday, and made some good progress on one of them. first, i finished knitting the wallet portion of my sushi wallet, and even knitted a couple of the pasties sushi pieces. i made even more progress on my ghostly humbug ....

ghostly buttonholes

i finished a sleeve the other day, and then started the sweater front. humbug features a column of slits down the center front. these slits are giant buttonholes. the first one is made after only 4 rows of knitting, so i learned quickly that the method for the buttonholes was sloppy at best. thanks to the internet, i soon found another method for making a neater buttonhole.

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pinky said...

babycakes, your humbug link is still broken!! You're going to make me wait until you finish it before I can see a completed version, aren't you? :P