Friday, March 10, 2006

in the bag ....

fat bottomed bag completed!

isn't she pretty? this was a super quick crochet project. i don't think i could had knitted this much yarn as quickly as i crocheted it (nevermind that it's double stranded). i LOVE this bag. the handles are 6" circular bamboo. i first thought i would line the bag, but, it's just fine unlined. if i do use it as a purse and put in small things that would like to poke between the stitches, i will just put those little things into a small zipped pouch (or ziplock bag). i've been using this bag as a small project bag since its completion ....

new yarn bag?

inside the bag, i see my yarn for my next sock and yarn for my next crochet bag.

i'm holding two strands together, as in the first bag, but it's making some funky tracking/patterns ... i don't care, as i really love the colors, and it's a whole different experience up close.

i still need to finish the two socks to match my singles. oh! i forgot to photograph my socks! next time ....
i need to finish butterfly. i need to finish the throw. i need to ....

1 comment:

painter girl said...

You secret crocheter you!
Just kidding. your bag looks great. i LOVE IT!
I can't wait to make the cowboy hat but not until I finish my other projects.
I'll call soon.
Love you